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Although we may consider many creatures as a problem when they enter our homes, we must consider that our ever-growing population has caused much of the available habitat of these species to disappear. This, however, has not caused a decline in the most adaptable species. In fact, it has offered an environment for them to exceed the normal carrying capacity of their traditional habitats.


Pesky Critter handles many different types of wildlife and offers solutions for the problems that these animals can cause. From humane trapping and removal of raccoons, squirrels, woodchucks, skunks, and opossums to rats, mice, moles, and voles. We offer exclusions (installing one way doors then closing up all possible entry points) of bats (seasonal), removal of the nests and birds that are not protected, to deterring geese and other protected birds.


We also install deer fences and can help you to re-design your landscape to provide habitats and homes for our wild neighbors while creating a barrier around your home to keep them out of your hair. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy watching them while allowing you to have the security of knowing that they will not try to enter your home.

Raccoons are most closely related to bears. They have become so abundant in our suburban forest that many generations were born under the roofs of man-made structures. Raccoons can be difficult to catch at times, but we always find a way.
Trapping squirrels can also be a problem at times. These furry little guys are very destructive when they get into attics and other man-made structures. They like to chew electrical wiring which can lead to house fires.
It’s easy to trap opossums. Although they look fearsome, they are in fact very shy .Still keep in mind that these are wild animals and they will defend themselves if they feel the need to.
Woodchucks can cause extensive damage to your yard. These critters are skilled burrowers. Their tunnels can be as long as 60 feet and branch off to escape holes and breeding and sleeping chambers. They can cause your yard to literally cave in.
The two most common types of problems with bats are when they decide to roost in your attic or when one or two are found inside your home and can't make their way back out. Keep away and call. Bats can be dangerous for a number of reasons.
Most birds on Long Island are federally protected except for three species; the European Starling, the English House Sparrow, and the Pigeon (except ones with bands). These three species can build large colony nests and cause various health issues.

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